Rosalia Updates Fans On Billie Eilish Track - Says New Travis Scott Song Is 'Super Aggressive'

Rosalia Updates Fans On Billie Eilish Track - Says New Travis Scott Song Is 'Super Aggressive'
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Billie Eilish has worked with a variety of artists during her short but very successful career, including Vince Staples, Justin Bieber, and Khalid. However, one hyped collaboration hasn't been released to the public yet - a song with Rosalia and Jessie Reyez.

According to Variety, Rosalia did an interview on Beats 1 today in which she revealed the status of the track. Additionally, the pop-star shared that she has been staying in her Miami home at the moment as the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rosalia shared in the interview that there were a lot of things happening right now in the world, so it's hard to focus at times, however, she feels grateful for the fact she has a nice, safe, place to stay during such challenging times.

According to Rosalia, she has a little studio in her room with several basic pieces of gear, including a microphone, a MIDI keyboard, and a computer. She has been doing all of the production on her vocals for her next upcoming project.

The star claimed she has been working on the Billie Eilish collaboration for the last two weeks, and she feels she's getting closer to completing it all of the time. Rosalia shared with the outlet that she just finished the arrangements yesterday.

At the moment, Rosalia is just waiting on Billie to send her vocal tracks and the same thing for Jessie. They also have to provide feedback on the song and figure out what needs to be done on their end. Fans of Rosalia know she just released an album in 2018, El Mal Querer, and also worked with Travis Scott in the past month.

This past year, she worked with Scott again on the popular song, "Highest in the Room." Rosalia stated, however, that this new song with Scott is a "super aggressive track."

Currently, Rosalia is living in Miami and her family lives in Spain, so it's been a tough time for the artist. Spain is just one of the European nations hit hard by the pandemic.

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