Robert Downey Jr. Says He'd Be Open To Bringing Back Iron Man But On One Condition - 'Do It Right!'

Robert Downey Jr. Says He'd Be Open To Bringing Back Iron Man But On One Condition - 'Do It Right!'
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At this point, everybody already knows that the iconic character lost his life at the end of Avengers: End Game. But was that really the end of Tony Stark and Iron Man?

As it turns out, the actor who had been playing the beloved character for many years, Robert Downey Jr., is not against Tony getting revived at any point in future movies, as long as they do it right!

While a guest on Today yesterday, he told host Hoda Kotb about his possible return in another installment that ‘Now that I am middle aged, to be honest, you just start looking at the back nine and you go, oh this is part of the journey. Things end and everyone is going somewhere.’

Hoda pressed him about ‘maybe’ bringing back the iconic Avenger and that is when the actor went on to add: ‘I am so pleased that I wound up where I have, I am very fortunate. So I am not the kind of guy… I want to keep it classy. We will see.’

Iron Man is really central to the whole Avengers series of films since he was in fact the first to get a movie about him in 2008, kickstarting the many movies that followed, bringing together a number of different superheroes to fight evil together.

Tony also became the leader of the special group of people that included other well-known characters such as Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man and more!

However, in the box-office smashing Avengers: End Game, Iron Man sacrifices himself for the right side and the movie even ends with his very emotional funeral scene – a tribute to the fallen hero.

Robert is well aware that fans are begging for an Iron Man return so he even joked that they are just going through the ‘stages of grief.’

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