Rihanna Is Twinning With Kylie Jenner In The Same Outfit - Who Wore It Best?

Rihanna Is Twinning With Kylie Jenner In The Same Outfit - Who Wore It Best?
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Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have recently worn the very same outfit, as The Shade Room notes. This Instagram account has a section in which they present famous ladies rocking the same outfit, and they ask their followers who wore the outfit best.

Check out the ladies below and see which one you like more:

'#TSRBishStoleMyLook: #Rihanna and #KylieJenner are serving lewks in this $695 #LaquanSmith leopard print catsuit! Rih wore hers in #InterviewMag back in June, and #Kylie snapped a pic in hers just the other day! Both ladies look bomb but you know we gotta ask--who wore it better?!' The Shade Room captioned their post.

A lot of people commented and based on the comments, RiRi is probably the winner.

Somoene said, 'Cmon y’all.... we all know damn well Rihanna killed it,' and another commenter posted: 'Rihanna can wear Kylie’s skin for Halloween and still look better than Kylie.'

A follower wrote: 'Why is this even a question. Kylie might be a billionaire but Rihanna didn’t buy her beauty. The natural queen slays again ‼️👏🏾👑'

A commenter said: 'Rihanna is wearing hers like it’s an outfit, Kylie is wearing hers like it’s a onesie.'

One follower wrote: 'Kylie probably sent this story in. 😒 She loves being compared to Rihanna. Go away girl. 🙄'

Someone else joked, saying that 'My teacher always said there are no dumb questions...guess she lied😒🤔'

What's your opinion on this? Who looks better in this outfit between these two gorgeous ladies?

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