Rihanna And Her Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Caught On Dinner With Her Family - Eyewitness Details!

Rihanna And Her Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Caught On Dinner With Her Family - Eyewitness Details!
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According to new reports, Rihanna and her significant other, Hassan Jameel, enjoyed a night out with the singer’s family! Apparently, they all had a casual dinner and there was even a bit of PDA between the two lovers!

Eyewitnesses told HollywoodLife all about the ‘lovely dinner evening’ that was joined by Rihanna’s mom and one of her brothers.

One onlooker recalled how ‘They enjoyed a full dinner of Mason’s signature seafood and steak plates with wine and specialty cocktails. At one point, Rihanna and Hasaan were arm in arm. They all stayed a good few hours of the night until dark.’

And that was not the only eyewitness account of this great family affair!

In other words, a second person that just happened to see it all go down shared with the news outlet that ‘Rihanna and Hassan looked very happy and in love while enjoying a night out of dining with her mom and brother at Mason in Santa Monica. They sat arm in arm together at their table and had a lovely dinner and evening. It seemed very natural and casual with her family. They stayed a few good hours until it was dark outside and left.’

As fans know, Rihanna and Hassan like to keep their romance as private as possible.

That being said, RiRi did admit during a chat with Interview magazine back in June that she is very much ‘in love’ with her boyfriend.

However, she refused to give any details about their plans for the future, whether that means getting married or having kids.

One previous insider told HollywoodLife that she would not even write lyrics about their romance for her upcoming album.

The reason for that is, allegedly, because she feels like she has to ‘protect’ their relationship and part of that means keeping it off the record.

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