Rick Ross Claims He Has Insider Information On Miami Heat's Free Agency Changes

Rick Ross Claims He Has Insider Information On Miami Heat's Free Agency Changes
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Rick Ross has always been a big fan of the Miami Heat, and now that the team finds themselves in the NBA finals, Rick has been on social media showing his support for the club.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from Rick this week in which he said the Heat would take home the championship in just five games, however, they're currently down 3-2 against the LA Lakers. Either way, it looks like Ross has full confidence the team will manage to win.

In recent news, Ross suggested he had insider information regarding their team as well as their upcoming roster. The star captioned a photo this week in which he suggested Giannis Antetokounmp would be coming to the Heat.

It's not entirely clear if this is true, but some sources have stated Giannis is happy to stay in Milwaukee. Regardless, there are rumors that Giannis will be trading to the Miami Heat just in case the Bucks lose him the following year.

Rumor has it that fans believe Giannis wants to get on a better team which has a chance at winning the NBA championship. This is a change of pace for Rick Ross who is usually in the headlines for other reasons entirely separate from sports.

For instance, earlier this year, it was reported that he and 50 Cent  were still duking it out in the courts, however, he bested him in a trial regarding the use of the song, "In Da Club," on one of his mixtapes. 50 Cent and Ross have been feuding for years, and it's even spilled over into the judicial system for various reasons.

Ross wasn't shy about letting the world know he beat 50 Cent in court ether. He took to his Instagram while smoking a cigar to brag about his victory in a court of law. Ross also took the time to put Curtis Jackson's former collaborator, Lloyd Banks, on blast.

Amid their last court case, Ross reportedly said before the judge that 50 Cent genuinely didn't like him and he didn't understand why.

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