RHOSLC: Jen Shah Caught Verbally Abusing Her Former Employee -- Designer Speaks Out

RHOSLC: Jen Shah Caught Verbally Abusing Her Former Employee -- Designer Speaks Out
Credit: Source: Page Six

Jen Shah of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is in hot water once more. Designer Koa Johnson has come forward after a video went viral of the star screaming at him.

Jen can be seen and heard in a video berating one of her former employees. The clip was quickly shared on social media and even made it to the Wendy Williams Show.

Koa spoke to Page Six to tell his side of the story.

'It was a very, very stressful time. I wasn’t sleeping. I was not taking care of myself physically and mentally, but I was still operating on adrenaline. It was like the most traumatizing months of my life.'

The irony is, the mishap was allegedly the reality star's fault and not the designers'. There was a delay in getting fabric which she was supposed to handle on her end.

Johnson is responsible for Jen's most iconic looks which include the blue Biden-Harris dress, cast photo dress, and reunion dress.

This situation has hurt him even more because he felt hat they were like siblings since they both have a Polynesian background. The last payment Johnson says he received was in September although he continued to work for her through January.

'A lot of the reason why I continued working with her [despite] those circumstances [was] because I truly cared for her. How we prove it to our siblings or to our sisters, our people that we look up to is that we do things because we show our love.'

The designer also created Jen's co-star, Heather Gay, reunion look to which she gave him credit for -- something Shah didn't do.

'I’m watching everybody go around saying who they’re wearing and Heather said me and then when it went to Jen, I was expecting her to say the same thing and say my name and she didn’t and that hurt me.'

There are conflicting stories circulating in which sources claim that the designer stole from Shah. However, he denies those claims and took to social media to say that there are no police reports filed against him in any state.

Koa ended his story by saying that he wishes her luck for season two.

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