RHOD: Brandi Redmond Racist Video Resurfaces Amid Leanne Locken Scandal

RHOD: Brandi Redmond Racist Video Resurfaces Amid Leanne Locken Scandal
Credit: Source: Bravo

The latter half of the season of Real Housewives of Dallas surrounds Leanne Locken's racist behavior towards Kary Brittingham. Now, castmate Brandi Redmond is coming under fire for an old Instagram Story that has resurfaced.

Brandi was just one of the co-stars who have condemned Leanne's mocking and hateful words about Brittingham. In a video that has gone viral, Brandi is seen squinting her eyes and speaking in a Chinese accent.

Steve Kemble, Leanne's close friend and wedding planner, called Redmond out for the clip to which she responded: 'you think it’s funny to make fun of yourself or others? Let’s be clear, I was made fun of season 2 (where the video came from) for squinty eyes and made fun of myself. It’s nice to know we all come from different cultures and ethnicity.'

She went on to mention Saturday Night Live in a separate tweet speaking about humor.

'2020 @nbcsnl has always been a dream bc they never disappoint. Life is love and laughter. There is a difference between humor and hurtfulness. I will always chose to love you and hope to make you laugh. Cheers to a new year & decade. Let’s do this!'

At first, the RHOD personality saw nothing wrong with it when called out by dozens of fans. She later offered an apology... sort of.

'I’m sorry you feel that way. If auditioning or acting for comedic entertainment, I would impersonate. I have done for different things and that video was taken out of context without the back story. I’m sorry to all offended.'

Many people have pointed out that this may be something that was orchestrated by Locken to get the heat off of her in preparation for the second part of the Dallas reunion where she will be placed in the hot seat.

What do you think about the offensive video?


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