RHOC Alum Tamra Judge Begins 'Operation Quarantine Slim Down' And Shares Her Secrets For Cutting Body Fat

RHOC Alum Tamra Judge Begins 'Operation Quarantine Slim Down' And Shares Her Secrets For Cutting Body Fat
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Real Housewives of Orange County alum Tamra Judge isn’t happy with what being in quarantine for the past four months has done to her body, so she has decided to get to work at her CUT Fitness gym.

Judge shared with her 1.7 million Instagram followers this week that she has made some major changes to her daily quarantine routine so she can reach her body fat percentage goals. Along with pics and videos of her killing it at the gym, Judge wrote in the caption that she has dramatically changed her diet.

“Week one of operation quarantine slim down. I’ve cut carbs , No sugar! Limited alcohol, reduced my caloric intake 😋 upped my cardio, upped my protein ! Current body fat is higher then [sic] I’d like it to be 😫 but that will change with consistency💪🏼First week sucks but I’m Motivated,” wrote Judge.

Numerous fans pointed out how fabulous the 52-year-old already looks, and didn’t think that Judge needed to make any improvements. However, Judge explained that her body fat was a “little high” for her liking.

Others looked to Judge for diet and exercise advice, and asked her to share more details about her diet and exercise schedule.

“Can you post a day of eating please! Also would love to see the breakdown of your exercise week!❤️” asked a fan, to which Judge replied: “yes. I will do that.”

Another fan asked Judge what alcohol is “sugar free,” and she wrote a “Ha!” before saying that she believes vodka has the least amount of calories.

“Girl you look great!” wrote one follower. “My stomach is damaged from carrying twins! What workout would help flatten it and how often should I be exercising to achieve fast results? 💕💕”

Judge replied that her answer depends on if she is talking about skin or fat. She explained that “diet will help with fat, surgery will help with extra skin.”

Judge did admit that owning a gym made “Operation Quarantine Slim Down” a lot easier, but she still has obstacles when it comes to achieving her goals. Tamra Judge says that she loves bread, and “it’s so hard to cut carbs” from her daily diet.

“I’ve been having too many snacks lately,” the mother of four told Us Weekly . “I will get up and make a loaf of bread. I’ll just make a loaf of bread. Or I’ll make cookies and brownies. I’m like, ‘What is wrong with me?’ I love to bake.”

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