Paul Rudd's Family Got Creative For His 51st Birthday Celebration At Home During Lockdown

Paul Rudd's Family Got Creative For His 51st Birthday Celebration At Home During Lockdown
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Marvel star Paul Rudd recently turned 51; and, since he couldn’t go out to celebrate his birthday, his family got creative with a party at home. Rudd and his wife, Julie Yaeger Rudd, recently joined Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan on their new AMC talk show Friday Night In With the Morgans , and Julie revealed the idea she came up with for Paul’s birthday.

Paul and Julie appeared on the show along with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, and Julie explained that she and the children she shares with Paul - Jack, 14, and Darby, 10 - created a scavenger hunt for Paul’s birthday on April 6.

"We made him a little scavenger hunt and made him walk all around the house,” shared Julie. “We made him go up and down the stairs and in each little spot there was a Post-It telling him the next place to go.”

Since they couldn’t really get Paul a present, Julie says that they gave him coupons for different things like snuggles with their daughter Darby, breakfast in bed, and a massage.

Consuelos added that he had the same idea for his 24th wedding anniversary with Ripa on May 1. He said that he gave Ripa coupons and she showed them off, including a coupon for a right foot rub and a coupon for a left foot rub.

For Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s 54th birthday on April 22, Paul Rudd said that he and his family threw a roll of toilet paper at his house to celebrate. The Ant-Man star said that he and his family drove up to the Morgan’s home playing music loudly and honking the horn.

“Our kids were really nervous, they thought maybe you were going to call the police on us, and we were hoping you were,” said Paul.

Friday Night In With the Morgans has been so successful on AMC that the network ordered four more episodes earlier this week. The Walking Dead star and the One Tree Hill alum have been hosting the video chat series from their farm in upstate New York since mid-April

"Friday Night In was an experiment that has worked!” said Sarah Barnett, president of AMC Networks’ Entertainment Group and AMC Studios. “It worked because the Morgans are effortless and delightful hosts, and the conversations with their friends are uplifting, hilarious, sweet, relatable, playful and meaningful.”

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