RHOA Porsha Williams Is Embracing Her New Body After Being Fat-Shamed By NeNe Leakes

RHOA Porsha Williams Is Embracing Her New Body After Being Fat-Shamed By NeNe Leakes
Credit: Source: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is loving life as a new mom , and she has no qualms about her post-baby body. Recently, Williams told her fans on Instagram that she officially doesn’t care what she looks like after her co-star NeNe Leakes fat-shamed her.

The mom of 2-month-old Pilar Jhena has been sharing pics and videos on her Instagram Story, and on one pic she pointed out the “mommy rolls and baby fat,” and added the hashtag #newnormal, not caring that she hasn’t “snapped back” to her old body.

In addition to showing off her new figure, Williams has also been posting selfies where she isn’t wearing makeup and doesn’t have her hair done. She told EBONY magazine that she does plan on getting back into shape soon, but it doesn’t have to be a top priority right after giving birth.

“We, the public, are very obsessed with the snapback, and that is okay because I’m about to snap back, but I’m also about if you don’t snap back right away,” said Williams. “For me, I wanted to just shock my fans, shock my followers…before I showed them a slay picture after pregnancy, I wanted to show them what I look like sitting around the house. That’s no makeup on, holding my baby, probably got throw up on me or what not.”

Right after Williams gave birth to baby Pilar, Leakes texted hateful messages, calling her a “big piggy with the busted shape.” Leakes was supposedly mad about Williams’ implication on RHOA that Leakes had assaulted her.

Williams posted a screenshot of the text message, but later deleted it. She wrote in the caption that she wanted to share the text with fans so they could see it for themselves and know the truth about what Leakes said.

RHOA fans were not happy about Leakes’ behavior, and some even called her out when visiting her Atlanta boutique.

Williams says that she can’t imagine fat-shaming a woman who is pregnant or just gave birth. She explained that after women have children their hormones are all over the place, and they are very sensitive to criticism.

Porsha Williams added that Leakes must not like her own body if she is “coming at somebody else.”

New episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta will return to Bravo later this year.


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