RHOA - Kenya Moore Says Having A Baby Made It Impossible To Be Intimate With Marc Daly

RHOA - Kenya Moore Says Having A Baby Made It Impossible To Be Intimate With Marc Daly
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Kenya Moore got real about her troubled sex life with Marc Daly during the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta when she admitted to Porsha Williams that having their daughter Brooklyn in their bed had ruined any possiblity of intimacy. Did her dream of having a baby lead to Moore’s broken marriage?

In the latest episode, Moore said that having Brooklyn - who the 48-year-old conceived via IVF - had changed so much in their lives. And, she noted that Daly didn’t want her to put the baby in the crib, and instead Brooklyn slept in their bed “all the time.”

“It’s been difficult,” said Moore. “We [sleep together] when we can, but it definitely is not as often as I would like.”

Williams had to ask how long it had been since Moore was intimate with Daly, and the former beauty queen replied, “Girl, I’m not going to even say that number.”

Moore explained that it’s hard being in a relationship when there is a little one involved. She said that sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes you feel like you want to give up.

The episode was shot before Moore and Daly split, and at the same time Williams was having her own issues with Dennis McKinley. The 38-year-old advised her friend to make it a priority to “connect sexually” if they want their marriage to last. Moore agreed, and said that she needed to do better. She also admitted that she didn’t like where her relationship with Daly was at that moment.

Moore also admitted to Kandi Burruss that she and Daly were having problems in the bedroom before Brooklyn was born. She said that when she was about six or seven months pregnant, Daly started “getting really freaked out” about her growing belly, and he thought it was “kind of awkward.”

To make matters worse, Daly was living in New York City and Moore was with Brooklyn in Atlanta, so spending time together was even more difficult. When the former couple attempted to plan a vacation to Turks and Caicos for their second wedding anniversary, Daly vetoed the idea of bringing a nanny, and then he ended up not going on the trip.

As fans know, the couple has now split. But, Moore told People Magazine that she hasn’t given up on the marriage. Moore said she didn’t get married to quit, and she still loves her husband and there is no doubt he still loves her.

“Let me be clear, I took my vows seriously. I believe in for better and for worse and I believe in trying it all before you walk away, especially when we do have a child and we are a family,” said Kenya Moore.

New episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta air Sunday nights on Bravo.

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