Remy Ma Has An Interesting Point Of View When It Comes To The BET, Cardi B, And Nicki Minaj Drama In Video

Remy Ma Has An Interesting Point Of View When It Comes To The BET, Cardi B, And Nicki Minaj Drama In Video
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Femcee Remy Ma has decided to weigh in on the drama caused by BET with a messy tweet where they threw Nicki Minaj under the bus while complimenting Cardi B on her big Grammy win.

Remy said while on a TV show that it was wrong of the network to shade Nicki because pitting one artist against another is not appropriate. Remy Ma went on to discuss who should be punished for the mean tweet.

In a recent video, Cardi B shared similar sentiments as Remy Ma by saying it is never a good thing to put Nicki down while trying to uplift her. Many of Nicki and Cardi's fans are loving Remy's comments.

One person said: "This makes me look at her in a different way... Can’t front she looks good 😍 So maybe she’s evolved. You are completely right, but the only reason they apologize is that Nicki said that she and her team would no longer BET apart of any bet experience. I genuinely believe that if she didn't say that, then they would've let that slip through the crack tbh."

Another commenter shared: "I find it interesting ppl calling Remy a hypocrite. When offering Nikki a bit of support in a situation where she feels Nikki was wronged. An then if she doesn't then she a hater. Whatever Remy has said about Nikki in the past was in response to her trash talk subliminals cuz be real in a real battle Nikki had nothing to say. Nikki is petty and insecure and is known to stop the bag of ppl she feels offers her any type of competition. Its real easy for ppl to say What does Remy have to be Jealous of??? Remy is independent which means Remy owns her music and does not have label pushing advertisement and endorsements. She doing what she doing on her own splitting her bag with no one but her fam and her Husband. She has her store, panelist on a dope talk show. With that said I do not feel that the BET comment was necessary, but let's be real Nikki more salty at the Grammy win then the comment. My opinion mixed with facts."

Remy is keeping it real here.

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