Tiny Harris Shares A Video From Her Night Out At The Club With Her Friend Shekinah Anderson

Tiny Harris Shares A Video From Her Night Out At The Club With Her Friend Shekinah Anderson
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Tiny Harris just shared a new video where she's hanging at the club with her pal, Shekinah Anderson. Fans love the two of them together.

'Having a little safe fun with my damn buddy @thatshekinah 👑 some new 💩 she done put me up on! #LolAfterAFew 🤪' Tiny captioned her post.

Fans and followers are gushing over the ladies' friendship.

Someone wrote '@thatshekinah is so funny to me lol one day I watched clippings of probably 50 lives from her and other people.... it was so funny! Especially the woman who thought she could clown another woman’s edges and she didn’t have none either lol... or the day she said to wait it’s two of y’all? Let me meet y’all mama. 🤣😂🤦🏽‍♀️'

Another follower said 'I'm sure that's not the first time y'all been back together, but yes I'm glad to see y'all are happy again as friends. True love never dies one love.💙'

Someone else posted 'Look like Y'all are having much fun. Tiny you look awesome. Tip Harris must be acting right you look stress-free and it shows in your skin.'

Indeed, Tip made a few moves to make his lady happy these days.

For Valentine’s Day Tip managed to surprise Tiny and  made her cry tears of joy . His gift was terrific, and she shared a video to show it off for fans.

The ring she got from Tip is really impressive; we have to admit this.

Someone else commented on the video of Tiny and her pal: 'We all need that one real ass friend in our life. The one who ain’t afraid to tell you like it is in still be there for you. Love y’all friendship @majorgirl @thatshekinah ❤️'

Another supporter gushed over the ladies as well: 'Love y’all together ♥️ @thatshekinah @majorgirl Together Y’all remind of of “I love Lucy”, Ethel and Lucy but prettier and flyer versions.'

Anyway, it's great to know that Tip and Tiny are doing great these days.


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