Reginae Carter's Fans Want To Know Who Her Trainer Is Because She Looks Gorgeous

Reginae Carter's Fans Want To Know Who Her Trainer Is Because She Looks Gorgeous
Credit: BET

Reginae Carter has been living her best life since she left YFN Lucci. It seems that Toya Wright's daughter did not get back together with the young rapper as a lot of voices have been speculating, and on the other hand she is in high spirits these days.

She just shared a video in which she is wearing a lovely pink outfit and her fans noticed that she lost a lot of weight.

For this reason, her followers keep asking who her trainer is.

'Raw, Dope 🤪hair by @jasmine.dior @fashionnova Ad,' Nae captioned her video.

Someone asked, 'Who is her trainer ?! NaeNae looks amazing,' and more people wanted to know the same thing.

Another follower says that she's looking and feeling so great since she left Lucci: 'Yes since the eviction of Lucci, everything changed.'

Another fan told Nae: 'Bruh ..we both lost like 12-20 pounds trying to please those toxic niggas baby keep on posting Yoself you got a good family and fans who will boost you up and help you get over him quicker 😭 I’m all alone I don't have anybody. So wish you the best love. ❤️'

A follower praised Nae's beauty and said: 'Soooooooo pretty I love when you don’t wear makeup. 😍😍'

A commenter wrote: 'Love that color on you @colormenae you’re so beautiful 😍' and one other person posted: 'That hair color looks really good on you beautiful 😊'

A couple of days ago, Nae made her fans really happy when she posted some new pics with her little sister, Reign Rushing , on her social media account.

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