Reese Witherspoon Tumbles Down The Stairs At Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Party

Reese Witherspoon Tumbles Down The Stairs At Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday Party
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While Reese Witherspoon had a lot of fun at pal Jennifer Aniston’s birthday bash, it looks like she ended the night with a scary fall down the stairs at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood where the Friends actress celebrated turning 50 years old. The paparazzi captured the tumble, but fortunately, Reese recovered pretty fast and didn’t get hurt.

As you may know, Jennifer Aniston had a big birthday party, and the guest list included big names such as Katy Perry, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Orlando Bloom, Ellen DeGeneres, and of course,  Reese Witherspoon.

As she was leaving the party, Witherspoon, unfortunately, slipped down the dark stairs at the Sunset Tower Hotel.

While walking in her fashionable black heels, the 42-year-old actress lost her balance, causing people around to worry about her safety.

Fortunately, Reese managed to grab the railing just in time to avoid completely rolling down the stairs!

It could have been much worse, but the whole accident just ended up being her scraping her knees a little.

Naturally, she looked a little embarrassed by the tumble but got up and continued to walk to her car.

As she was crossing her arms, the star gave the photographers a shy smile.

Jen and Reese have been friends for a very long time since they played sisters on Friends!

That being said, the two celebs are set to co-star again in the upcoming series, Top of the Morning!

As for Jennifer’s birthday, one source previously told HollywoodLife that ‘Jen's looking forward to her 50th birthday much more than anyone would expect. She's had such an amazing life and feels that turning 50 is not a death sentence, but a chance to age gracefully and to have even a greater life ahead.’


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