Rasheeda Frost Spends Time With Kirk's Love Child In Viral Video -- She Mommy-Shamed Jasmine Washington Who Claps Back

Rasheeda Frost Spends Time With Kirk's Love Child In Viral Video -- She Mommy-Shamed Jasmine Washington Who Claps Back
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And just like that Rasheeda Frost has decided to keep her words and literally embrace Kirk's son whom he shares with Jasmine Washington.

This week, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta returned, and the first episode included a tender moment where Rasheeda is bonding and spending quality time with her son, Karter, and Kirk's love child, Kannon.

While Rasheeda is happy to be with the little boy she also took the opportunity to mom shame Jasmine for the fact that he is still wearing pull ups at two years old, Jasmine destroyed Rasheeda for insulting her.

One fan said: "This is why you're so blessed, some people will never understand. I salute you, Queen!!! Forgiveness is the key to Prosperity. I know that had to be the last straw @rasheeda is resilient and a gem in the roughs who I know you will not take for granted again. Some people can never be replaced and if removed will shake up the very foundation of your being..so cherish each other..I love yall in real life."

Another commenter shared: "She a good one because that marriage would’ve been over. I know for a fact if it was the other way around @frost117 wouldn’t be laying in that bed playing with a child @rasheeda had on him 💯Rasheeda may have the strength to accept that but I cannot and would not accept such thing, first of all, my husband would no longer be my husband , I just not that strong."

This supporter stated: "Rasheeda is the sweetest human being..Kirk married to a beautiful soul he better treats her good. That's their marriage, and it's being played out on TV most people are private and going through way worse. Thank you both @frost117 @rasheeda for showing the world how to push through "worse" in your vows. Forever praying for you both."

One critic confessed: "No pull-ups at 2 for a boy? Lol, she’s really trying to make ole girl out to be a bad mom but sis that’s not out of the norm at all. I couldn’t be with a man who had a baby in me. Why something tells me that isn’t their kid 🤔 and it’s for a storyline, I just can’t put my finger on it. 🤦🏽‍♂️"

Raheeda never shies away from her responsibilities.

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  • Casey Grimes-Finley
    Casey Grimes-Finley Apr 15, 2019 10:31 AM PDT

    Kannon IS Kirk Frost's son.They did the DNA and it confirmed it.Kannon isn't too old to be wearing pull ups.What is going to stop Kirk from having other children outside of the marriage? Thank you,Casey Grimes-Finley,Chicago,Illinois

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