Rasheeda Frost Looks Gorgeous In Black With Kirk Frost By Her Side - Fans Call Them 'The Million Dollar Couple'

Rasheeda Frost Looks Gorgeous In Black With Kirk Frost By Her Side - Fans Call Them 'The Million Dollar Couple'
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Rasheeda Frost's latest photo that she shared with her fans on social media has fans gushing over her. She's together with Kirk Frost, and she's wearing a gorgeous black dress and flaunting a blonde bob.

Fans also love Kirk's jacket, and more of Rasheeda's followers seemed convinced that she picked it out for him.

Someone said 'You loook nice together. His jacket is the dopest. You guys are lucky to have that bond you have to smile and have fun. I know you picked out that jacket lol. He killed da party wit dat. Lol.'

One follower said that Rasheeda should have never gotten back together with Kirk after he cheated on her, but a fan defended her and said: 'in sickness and in health till death does them part. Those are just the turbulences of relationships but I believe they get better with time. No one has a perfect story, you know.'

Someone else gushed over the couple and said 'The love and hip hop million dollar couple. Keep cashing checks and teaching Frost family values...'

Another commenter posted 'Nice pic❤️❤️❤️ I luv Kirk too those looks were priceless when he use to get busted made.'

Someone else noted that Kirk always looks kind of sad in all the pics that Rasheeda is posting: 'Dude always looking totally miserable in those pics..never looking happy and in love...what gives??????' This is not the first time when someone notices Kirk's expression.

Rasheeda was praised by fans recently again when they told her not to explain her imperfections in front of anyone.

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  • Jean
    Jean Dec 16, 2018 12:30 PM PST

    I've heard they have NO Health Insurance and she is on public assistance. Definitely NOT a Millon Dollar couple!!!!!!!

  • Patrice A White
    Patrice A White Dec 16, 2018 11:09 AM PST

    They are not a million dollar couple..she has low self esteem..he is miserable..and the ppl they appeal to lets u know what they stand for...

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