Rasheeda Frost And 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Rally Around Kirk As He Mourns His Brother Keith Who Just Passed Away

Rasheeda Frost And 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Rally Around Kirk As He Mourns His Brother Keith Who Just Passed Away
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Kirk Frost has suffered another devastating loss in his family and his wife, Rasheeda Frost, and his fans have rallied around him to show love and support.

The former rapper took to social media where he shared an emotional picture post announcing the death of his oldest brother, Keith Frost. He also paid tribute to his mother, Gloria Frost, whom he lost one year ago.

Kirk said: "January 2018 I lost my mother & now today January 1st 2019 I lost my oldest brother Keith Frost my heart hasn’t had a chance to heal from my mom & now this. I don’t even know what to say man, I love you & thank you for being that big brother who looked out for all your brothers me, Kevin & Poncho you took on that roll & made sure you did all you could for us growing up. I’m thankful that we got to talk yesterday just to say what up & we love each other. Your so strong & was fighting with all you had but God has the last say. #restinparadise #iloveyoubigbro now you can watch over all your kids like you use too you were one of the greatest dads I ever witnessed. Give mommy, grandma, Connie & the rest of the family a hug for us. #rip ????????"

One person stated: "Praying for you @frost117 Years very challenging when you lost someone. You guys are slow and not that serious. What the hell is wrong with how he saved it. I save people’s number like that because the person stays changing their phone number and it helps me remember which one is most current dummy. God bless you and your family through this hard time."

Another follower claimed: "Prayers go out to your family. Jesus will you please wrap your arms around his brother tonight he need you more today than you needed to anything in the name of the father the son and the Holy Ghost Will you please easy this ?brother's heart. Losing a sibling is never easy. Lost my youngest Brother a few years back and the pain is still very raw. May his soul rest in peace."

This critic said he should have kept the matter private and added: "Prayers for the family. Why did he feel the need to prove he talked to his brother. People do too much for IG, smh. The fact the pic is that old (nothing recent with a big brother) & name saved said: "new 2018 brother" (don't remember verbatim) not sure if they were estranged &/or big brother made a change in life etc.."

Rasheeda will be present for Kirk.

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