Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Addressed Georgia About Voting - See Their Video

Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Addressed Georgia About Voting - See Their Video
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Rasheeda Frost shared a video on her social media account in which she and Kirk Frost are addressing people in Georgia about voting. Here's the clip.

'Early voting started 12/14/20! The time is now to get out & vote Georgia! @frost117 & myself are adamant about keeping Georgia blue & getting @raphaelwarnock & @jonossoff in those US Senate seats if we want to change, it starts with voting let’s go!' Rasheeda said.

Someone else said: 'Georgia going to be looking like California. A hot dam mess. California is run by democrats. We have the highest homeless population. High rent. High ⛽. The high cost of living. All under democrats leadership. Georgia bet to be careful what they ask for. Georgia asks your self a question. Suppose the democrats were doing such a good job. Why are New Yorkers & California & people from Chicago & other democrats States? Are leavening there state moving to Republican state? Ask yourself that question Georgia if the democrats are doing such a good job. Why are all democrats state are a hot mess.'

A commenter posted this message: 'Do your history on California. Georgia. California is a democrats ran state. My home state. Hot dam mess.'

A follower said: 'Don't matter who in office they represent the same wicked system of the USA. The land of your captivity.'

A commenter wrote: 'Yes.... Thank you GA stand up for the rest of the country!' and someone else posted this: 'Republicans does own America people lived anywhere they want to live east north west south belongs to no one but god. Period.'

A follower said: 'Yes...get all your peeps on board too! It’s too many black people in Georgia for the state to not stay blue 💙💙' and one Instagrammer believes that 'Absolutely, we need Warnock and Jon Ossoff to win those seats in the senate for change to happen.'

Rasheeda Frost  shared a photo on her social media account in which  Kirk Frost and two of their boys are featured as well. Check out the photo.


‘Just a quick family dinner with my babies @frost117 @kyfrost_ & @karter_frost  ❤️ ❤️ #dafrostfam’ Rasheeda captioned her photo.

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