Rasheeda Frost Advertises Something Unexpected And Surprises Fans

Rasheeda Frost Advertises Something Unexpected And Surprises Fans
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Rasheeda Frost is advertising something unexpected and she managed to surprise her fans. Check out the post that she shared on social media below.

'@cscrubs_with_love_llc is the number 1 hottest wholesale company for medical uniforms and apparel. The pandemic relief will end soon and extra income will be a need!' Rasheeda began her message.

She continued and said: 'Follow @cscrubs_with_love_llc and get into the uniform industry. Healthcare workers need them more now than ever. If you have questions they have a free consultation call option for you. Shout out to my girl @lydia_nelson_ceo for scaling this business to 5 million a year! Blessings on your endeavors bosses!'

Someone said: 'The fact that they have celebs promoting these scrubs instead of nurses etc is funny as hell to me' and another follwoer said: 'This is actually bs Rasheeda know nothing about no scrubs she ain't had no dam job where are the nurses they should be promoting these like really anything for show and money.'

A follwoer posted this: 'I need sçrubs so bad they are expensive and i never find any my height.. 5'8 we need them long,' and one other follwoer said: 'Hahah your cute in scrubs boss lady.'

One fan said: 'Will she be able to put our logo on the scrubs? My company is looking a scrubs we are a healthcare center,' and another person posted this: 'I’m like ur not even a nurse you don’t know nothing about that damn field or there scrubs. I wouldn’t have even took this it has not one relevance to her.'

Rasheeda Frost   hangs out with her son, Karter Frost, and they are enjoying the tropical breeze. Check out the post that she shared.

'@karter_frost said that tropical breeze hit different,' Rasheeda captioned her post.


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