Rapper Huey Shot To Death At Age 31 In St. Louis

Rapper Huey Shot To Death At Age 31 In St. Louis
Credit: Source: AllHipHop.com

The St. Louis rapper, Huey, was shot and killed last night on the 25th of June, Hot New Hip Hop reported. The outlet says that Lawrence Franks, also known by his artist name, Huey, was pronounced dead on the scene after suffering from gunshot wounds.

He died at the age of 31. According to the publication, Huey was killed in Kinloch, St. Louis, at approximately 11:00 pm on the 25th of June. Fox St. Louis was the first to report that Huey was killed on Martin Luther King Boulevard on the 8100 blocks.

The 31-year-old passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital. Another person at the scene was also shot, although, authorities claim he is expected to survive. Once the news broke, it was revealed that arrests weren't made.

However, authorities say they're currently in the middle of an investigation. Huey first garnered a reputation for himself in the rap scene back in 2006 when he released the song, "Pop, Lock and Drop It." It did quite well on the Billboard charts.

And in the following year, Huey released his debut record, Notebook Paper , which included big-name rappers like Yo Gotti, Lloyd, and T-Pain. Since the news of his death was revealed, those closest to him commemorated his passing.

Fans of hip-hop know this won't be the first time that a young rapper was shot and killed. The Toronto artist, Houdini, passed away at 21-years after he was shot and killed in the entertainment industry of Toronto. The authorities came out not long after and said that it appeared as though the shooting was targeted.

Another rapper to pass away this year was the 20-year-old artist, Pop Smoke, who was killed after a group of men barged into the rental home he was staying in. Initially, authorities said that it appeared to be a robbery, however, the police later came out to say that it was gang-related.

Not long after his death was revealed, several reports indicated that Pop Smoke had asked the police for help who then shut down one of his shows due to his fear of being shot.

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