Rapper Pop Smoke May Have Been Connected To Crips And Bloods Feud

Rapper Pop Smoke May Have Been Connected To Crips And Bloods Feud
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Pop Smoke, who was shot and killed during a home invasion earlier this week, may have been connected to the long-standing feud between the Crips and Bloods, Page Six has learned. The outlet reported that Pop Smoke was connected to the Crips. In other words, the shooting death may have been a hit for his association with the gang.

As it was previously reported, Pop Smoke was shot and killed during what reports indicated was a robbery gone wrong. Four masked men reportedly barged into a Los Angeles house party on Wednesday morning, around 4:30 am.

However, details have emerged that the masked intruders never actually stole any expensive items or cash. In other words, it appears as though they stormed the Los Angeles home for the sole purpose of killing Pop Smoke.

Earlier in the week, the rapper had posted an Instagram photo in which he was holding a huge wad of cash, while also wearing expensive jewelry and designer clothing from Louis Vuitton. For that reason, fans online suggested he may have been robbed.

Captain Jonathan Tippet, of the Robbery-Homicide Division, told reporters recently that he was "uncomfortable" with the idea of referring to Pop Smoke's death as a "robbery." He added that he and the police have a lot of information to work with.

Law enforcement sources who spoke with the news publication revealed that the authorities are looking at the incident as a gang-related homicide. Reportedly, Pop Smoke, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, was shot and later pronounced dead at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

His death was confirmed by his record label, Republic Records. Pop Smoke's death shocked the hip-hop industry, due to its abrupt nature, in addition to the fact that his career in the scene was just starting, following his hit song, "Welcome To The Party."

The song received additional attention when Nicki Minaj collaborated on the remix. 50 Cent, who hails from Queens, was another artist who shouted out to Pop Smoke after his death, stating that the reason for his death was due to "jealousy" and "treachery."

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