R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife, Andrea Kelly, Delivers New Blow To Singer’s Already Dwindling Reputation With Epic Speech

R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife, Andrea Kelly, Delivers New Blow To Singer’s Already Dwindling Reputation With Epic Speech
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While many of R. Kelly’s fans are aware of the troubled life, the singer has gone through -- especially with regards to his current situation -- not that much attention was ever paid to his former wife, Andrea Kelly.

The woman, better known as Drea by some of her own followers, used to work as a backup dancer for Kelly during his active years.

At some point during the whole scandals surrounding the Chicago artist’s career, the two separated and have been split up for good ever since.

Andrea recently opened up about the things she has gone through during her marriage to the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer, and she went into detail about the abuse she had to endure by him.

She revealed: “I don’t care if you tell one person, they don’t believe you,” said Drea. “Tell two people, tell ten people, and you keep telling your story until someone believes you.”

The mother of three also shared: “I hope that people that came out tonight walk away with a sense of pride, a sense of empowerment, and just a little more knowledge about what abuse really looks like. We often think of abuse as just physical, and that is the aftermath of all the emotional, the psychological, the mental, the sexual, even the financial abuse that you’ve already been in. And I want people to know that their voice is their power.”

While many already knew that things between the two were far from pretty, the revelations made by Mrs. Kelly took some by surprise, and it looks like the R&B songwriter has now lost even more support among some of his supporters.

In fact, many have now taken to echo the words spoken by the reality TV star, and have been repeating her claims on social media, discussing them in detail.

It is not known if the public is even seeing the full situation right now, as there has been some speculation that Andrea has left some details out of her explanation.

Kelly himself has not responded to the recent statements, although he has quite a lot on his plate right now, so his attitude is perfectly understandable, all things considered.

It may be a while before Kelly says something about the current situation.

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