Pua Magasiva From Power Rangers Ninja Storm Passes Away At 38

Pua Magasiva From Power Rangers Ninja Storm Passes Away At 38
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According to a report from TMZ.com, Pua Misagiva, the 38-year-old actor who had a role in Power Rangers as the red ranger, has passed away in New Zealand. The police said it was a "sudden death," but didn't specify the exact cause of his passing.

In the city of Wellington, the police discovered him unresponsive in the central business district area. On the show, Pua appeared as Shane Clarke, the red ranger. He was in Power Rangers Ninja Storm as well as another show, Shortland Street , and Outrageous Fortune.

Recently, Magasiva was the host of a radio show but reportedly lost the job following a DUI. Robbie Magasiva, his brother, flew to the city in New Zealand and he and the rest of his family are grieving with news of his passing.

This isn't the first time an actor on the set of a Power Rangers production has tragically died due to unexplained reasons. Reported by The Los Angeles Times and TMZ in 2017, Ricardo Medina Junior was arrested for reportedly killing his roommate.

When he arrived at his home, Medina's roommate was with the actor's girlfriend. Medina Junior grabbed the Conan The Barbarian-style sword and stabbed the man to death.

Medina claimed it was in his self-defense so the police released him, however, at a later date, the police nabbed him again and charged him with the crime. Medina Junior was facing off against life in prison, 26 years approximately, if convicted of the crime.

In March of 2017, it was revealed by Fox News that Ricardo Medina Junior received approximately six years in prison for the crime of murdering his roommate with the prop sword.

Some on social media have also drawn the connection between the two cases, with one commenter, in particular, writing, "what a weird coincidence that both of these guys found themselves involved with death in a weird way."

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