Ariana Madix Reveals Jax Taylor's Response To Her Father's Death

Ariana Madix Reveals Jax Taylor's Response To Her Father's Death
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Lala Kent was feeling the weight of losing her father on her shoulders during this season of 'Vanderpump Rules.' After the cast had split opinions on the way the actress should have handled herself, Ariana Madix revealed Jax Taylor's response to her father's death.

During an earlier season of 'Vanderpump Rules,' Ariana was fighting a battle viewers didn't know about. She was dealing with the loss of her beloved father.

During that time, the SURver was facing blowback from both audiences and co-stars. In fact, in the preview for next week's reunion episode, Ariana explains just how insensitive people were.

"When I said that I think I was speaking more towards my experience with this group and how other people handled when I went through the same thing. I didn’t get any consolations from literally anyone. I mean, I got actively made fun of and called names by people in this group because I was sad. Jax literally said, ‘Ariana can’t play the dad card.’ Those words came out of his mouth. At the time, nobody literally gave a flying f**k."

This conversation came about because half of the cast feels that Kent's behavior in the season was justified because of her dad's untimely passing while others find it to be no excuse.

Jax sided with Lala due to the fact that he lost his father to cancer in December of 2017. He apologized to Ariana and chalked it up to karma because now he knows exactly how she felt.

Madix offers her insight on watching the fall of her distraught friend.

"It’s really tough for me because I feel like the Lala that I know is not the Lala that I was seeing. And knowing what she was going through and how hard of a time it is, it’s hard to be like, ‘Listen, you’re handling this poorly. Yes, it’s a professional work environment but it’s also a very volatile work environment at times and I think maybe during that time, it was not the best for Lala to be working at SUR."

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