Prince Andrew Opens Up About His Lengthy Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein As FBI Actively Looks Into The Matter

Prince Andrew Opens Up About His Lengthy Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein As FBI Actively Looks Into The Matter
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The fact that Prince Andrew’s name was brought up in the Jeffrey Epstein’s scandal raised some eyebrows, and while many tried to brush it off by claiming that this was a huge misunderstanding, the FBI does not seem to think so.

The bureau has now launched an even deeper probe into the possible connection between Prince Andrew and the deceased financier who was convicted of various sexual crimes against children.

The FBI is currently hoping to be able to identify more victims of Epstein, which might provide them with extra details regarding the exact extent of Prince Andrew’s involvement.

However, it is questionable just how much information they might be able to obtain this way, given the heavily-charged nature of the case, and the fact that some victims might be reluctant to point any fingers at a person with such a high rank in society.

Still, even more, important people have been accused of crimes in the past, so it is not entirely unlikely that the FBI’s probe might turn up something interesting.

In the least, it will be interesting to find out what else there is to know about the connection between Prince Andrew and Epstein, even if it was entirely innocent and without any more serious implications.

After all, it would only serve to clear Prince Andrew’s name, so it does not make much sense to be trying to sweep this situation under the rug.

Initially, the royal family was very quite reluctant to get more involved with the situation but they folded and allowed an interview where everything was on the table.

He said he regrets his friendship with Epstein and having him around his teen daughter and claimed he was not aware of Epstein’s criminal activities.

He stated: “At the time, I don’t think I … certainly, I wasn’t aware when the invitation was issued what was going on in the United States.”

He also confessed: “I stayed with him, and that’s the bit that . . . as it were, I kick myself for on a daily basis because it was not something that was becoming of a member of the royal family, and we try and uphold the highest standards and practices, and I let the side down, simple as that.”

Many are baffled and angry that Prince Andrew did not say sorry for his actions.

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