Porsha Williams's Secrets And Painful Memories Will Be Revealed In 2021 For This Reason

Porsha Williams's Secrets And Painful Memories Will Be Revealed In 2021 For This Reason
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Porsha Williams is a busy mother, businesswoman, and TV star who has just announced that she has decided to share her life story -- the good, bad, the ugly, and the beautiful -- in a new book.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta will open 2021 with a bang thanks to her book entitled The Pursuit of Porsha .

The activist will not hold back and will reveal all the things that made her the strong and triumphant woman she is today.

The DISH Nation star will tackle the painful memories from her childhood, and the secrets she has kept as a woman and wife.

Porsha explained: "Putting yourself out there in these times can be both a blessing and a curse. I want to share the real me and my story here, including both my trials as well as my many blessings."

She continued: "I am more than a soundbite or a headline or a rumor. I'm a strong Black woman who has triumphed over adversity and owned every single one of my mistakes. My story is a journey of passion, faith, and discovery."

Williams had a very painful experience with Dennis McKinley , who cheated on her while she was pregnant.

She said at the time: "It was devastating to feel like I was out there trying to stand with my people, stand with our allies, and help them raise a message of hope and to be silenced and not able to breathe because of the gas bomb that was thrown. Anybody who is out there now and they feel like they can't move forward because of the mistreatment [by] the police and what they're doing to us ... I would say to them, stay focused on the cause."

She then revealed: “To be disrespected at the most sacred time in life is like, I just can’t forgive that. I’m looking at my daughter, telling her, ‘I’m going to work it out, I’m going to work it out.’ But some stuff is not forgivable, and I don’t think she would want me to have to deal with certain things. I don’t think she’s want that.I’m done. This isn’t anything I’m even capable of forgiving.”

While weeping the reality star went on to confess: “I literally wish I could wake up and somebody could be like, ‘It was a dream, it didn’t happen. The movie keeps playing in my head. I keep playing all of these moments. We’re like creating a real family, and just to think it wasn’t real, is really hurtful.”

She concluded by: “I’m beyond hurt. When I think about my pregnancy, I think about how he was right there by my side. And it makes me think, ‘So you were by my side doing what? Planning to go somewhere else?’"

Porsha seems ready to tell all.


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