Porsha Williams Tells People That Breonna Taylor's Killers Are Still Police Officers

Porsha Williams Tells People That Breonna Taylor's Killers Are Still Police Officers
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Porsha Williams just told her fans and followers that Breonna Taylor's killers are still police officers. She has been asking for justice for Breonna for a while now.

Someone said: 'I wish we would keep that same energy...... until justice is served for all of our people! We can’t bring all this attention to certain folks!' and another follower posted this: 'And I know they can’t sleep in peace! Justice will come for them, I bet by this Tuesday.'

A follower posted: 'You need to channel your advocacy to a larger audience! The country could benefit from you. I don’t exactly know where but I’m excited to see what you’ll be doing in the future.'

One commenter said: 'Even bother me asking that you change the situation,' and another Instagrammer wrote: 'Looks like they are boarding up the city building I saw hopefully they do the right thing and charge those cops.'

Someone else wrote: 'And the fact that they were seen boarding up the courthouse almost gives us the answer . #justforbreonnataylor . #praying,' and another follower said: 'And the criminals who got away at least turn yourself in on like some solidarity movement or something.'

A commenter posted: '@porsha4real They boarded up the courthouse earlier. I hope those cops don't walk. It's going to be bad.'

One follower said: 'They boarded up the courthouse today; which probably means they’re not going to charge them and are anticipating the outrage.'

A fan posted this message 'She needs justice. what’s going on? I read Beyoncé wrote a letter demanding for justice,' and another commenter wrote: 'I will pray she gets justice and also that officers get what’s coming to them people reap what they sow.'

Earlier today, Porsha shared a beautiful photo in which she looks amazing, and she made sure to offer her secret to such an amazing look.

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