Porsha Williams Suffers A Terrible Loss And Cannot Be Consoled

Porsha Williams Suffers A Terrible Loss And Cannot Be Consoled
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Porsha Williams shared terrible news with her fans and impressed them with the post that she shared on her social media account. Check out the message in which she announces the loss of her aunt.

She also revealed that her uncle passed away.

'Yesterday I laid to rest one of my favorite aunts. My beautiful loving auntie Louve...She was the type of auntie when she came in town from up north *which is what we country folks call New Jersey, I just had to see her. Aunt Louve had style, grace, charisma, and the warmest spirit. I actually would probably still be a cute lil Tomboy❤️ if it wasn’t for auntie coming down one summer and saying to me “Porshaaa we have to do something with these brows, it’s time to refine that beauty baby” in her Jersey accent lol She went upstairs grabbed the tweezers and that’s when I learned “Beauty is pain”. 😆😉 I hate that she didn’t get to meet my 1st born PJ but I know she will be watching us and protecting us from heaven.🕊 Rest In Peace our beautiful angel Auntie Louve 💔🙏🏾' Porsha began her message.

She continued and said: 'I also lost my late father's lil brother Uncle Torrey June 1st😔When I was younger uncle Torrey lived with my dad. Torrey was that super cool big uncle that actually took the time to play with myself and my brothers. Uncle Torrey had such a playful spirit I remember he used to LOVE running up and scaring us then tickling us until we peed on ourselves lol it’s crazy when loved ones pass away and you reflect you then realize how so much of how you are is from how you were loved. I definitely can see how I have a lot of their personality traits here and there. Rest In Peace Uncle Torrey❤️🙏🏾. Love hard and cherish the ones near and dear to you.'

A fan told Porsha '"So much of how you are is from how you were loved". Now that's a word to ruminate over... beautiful post & caption,' and someone else said: 'Stay prayed up hun.... I love you as a person and how you stand up for yourself.'

Someone else said: 'My condolences Porsha. May God be with your family during this time,' and another follower posted this: 'Thanks for sharing. May their spirits continue to shine in you and your family.'

Condolences to Porsha and her family.

Other than this, Porsha celebrated her birthday during the past few days and she made sure to keep her fans updated. She  shared various pics  on her social media account.

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