Porsha Williams' Niece Baleigh Feeds Baby Pilar And Fans Are In Awe

Porsha Williams' Niece Baleigh Feeds Baby Pilar And Fans Are In Awe
Credit: Source: bet.com

Porsha Williams' niece Baleigh is Lauren Williams' daughter and Porsha has been in love with her since forever. Just before she had her own daughter, Porsha used to always show off her niece saying that one day she also wants to have a baby girl.

That day has come and Porsha could not be happier since she gave birth to her and Dennis McKinley's baby girl Pilar Jhena.

PJ is one month old and Porsha made sure to mark the important event on her social media with a post which she captioned with the following words:

'Y’all my baby is ONE MONTH OLD today!! @pilarjhena you are my world and caring for you these past 4 weeks have been the joy of my life! All of the learning moments and growing have made me that much greater a mom. I pray I continue to be the best me I can be for you my princess💋 #Happy4Weeks 🌈 #RainbowBaby.'

Lauren shared her own photo with Baleigh feeding Pilar and fans are here for this.

Someone commented 'She’s so serious about feeding her.'

Another fan was surprised that PJ is growing up so fast: 'It's been month already omg she growing so fast.'

Someone else said 'She is moving right on out the way for her baby brother @porsha4real that month flew by..Lol! I can't wait to 👀 her beautiful face..💜😘'

In other news, Porsha shared a trailer for this Special on her social media account, and her fans told her that  they’re obsessing  over it.

People have been asking Bravo TV for this for quite a while, and now a special edition with Porsha’s pregnancy is on the way.

Now, Porsha also shared a photo for the special , and it’s made in an old-school style which has people thinking about older times.


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