Porsha Williams' Latest Posts Have Fans Saying That She Could Not Look Happier

Porsha Williams' Latest Posts Have Fans Saying That She Could Not Look Happier
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Porsha Williams posted a bunch of new pics and videos on her social media account and fans are definitely here for it. Everyone is celebrating the fact that she's back together with Dennis McKinley and that the wedding is still on.

Porsha has been spotted wearing her engagement ring for a while.

'Glad I finally learned the words to my fav song! So fun to car sing... lol *Not really singing / So y’all know the words ? #IKnowDatSong 😂 🎶 @therealmaryjblige,' Porsha captioned one of her videos.

Somoene said: 'wait ... the song aint evening playing in the background. i had to watch this 3 times, i thought i was trippin trippin'

One commenter posted: 'You’re playing around tho we know you got dem vocals!!!' and another fan said: 'Your happiness looks beautiful, singing is good food for the soul!!'

A follower said: 'You singing and happy your baby back... you should test his loyalty and tell him he can’t Film with you this season and see if he still stays..💲'

Someone else posted: 'This is why she is soooo fun & funny!!! @jstmry She thinks she sounds like her and we would, too! 💅 #nailedit'

A person told Porsha: 'I saw you at the airport last week. To say you are pretty is an understatement. I don't say this often but she is drop-dead gorgeous 🔥'

Regarding the reunion between Porsha and Dennis , a source has recently spoken to Hollywood Life.

The source said: ‘Very recently, Porsha decided to give their relationship a try again and get back together with Dennis — who’s stepped it up more and more. She knows that they have a child together and it is in PJ‘s best interest.’

Fans could not be happier for Porsha these days.


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