Porsha Williams' Latest Photo Seems To Be Confirming That She's No Longer An Engaged Woman

Porsha Williams' Latest Photo Seems To Be Confirming That She's No Longer An Engaged Woman
Credit: BET

Porsha Williams has been quiet regarding the latest disturbing rumors claiming that she broke her engagement to Dennis McKinley due to him cheating on her. It was said that she found some messages on his phone that hinted to the fact that her fiance was cheating and she decided to call the whole thing off.

Well, the truth is that Porsha hasn't been posting anything with her baby daddy on her social media and more than that, she was spotted in more pics without her engagement ring on her finger.

fans took this as a sign that the rumors are true, even if she decided not to speak on what happened so far.

Now, she shared another pic and in it, she's almost showing off her left hand which is free of any engagement ring as you can see below.

Some believe that this is definitely the final confirmation that she's no longer an engaged woman and Dennis is out of the picture.

'This NJ boss is no joke! Gotta love @carolinemanzo 🔥 #ShakeEmUpm' Porsha captioned her post.

Someone said, 'Caroline really needs to return to RHONJ I miss her...nice pics❤️❤️❤️'

Another follower posted: 'Now, I'm really curious. What are y'all up to? I can't wait to find out.🤔👏'

People have also started to speculate on all kinds of other scenarios as well.

Someone said, 'I’m starting to think the ring removal is hype for RHOA. The couple never comments on each other page as if they broke up but yet they both in NJ. I love y’all so I be watching the hints that everything is ok.'

Another fan said, 'Beautiful porch congratulations on your beautiful child can't wait to see you back at work please put your daughter first you are setting a great example just letting you know we your fans still Love you, beautiful Queen!'

It was reported just recently that Porsha and her mom, Diane are working on a secret project .


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