Porsha Williams Dazzles In Swimsuit Photo — Is The Single Mom Showing Dennis McKinley What He's Missing?

Porsha Williams Dazzles In Swimsuit Photo — Is The Single Mom Showing Dennis McKinley What He's Missing?
Credit: Source: Porsha Williams/Instagram

Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley may have broken up, but that's not a reason for Porsha to look miserable. In fact, she not only looks dazzling in a new photo posted to her official Instagram account, but fans are wondering if she's showing her ex what he's missing. Posing with her baby girl Pilar Jhena, Porsha looked gorgeous and her fans loved the update.

The post went viral as Porsha shared it with her 4.6 million followers where it quickly had more than 150,000 likes.

Fans not only praised Porsha for her flawless figure but on her sweet 3-month-old daughter who nuzzled peacefully against her mom. The photo comes at a time when Porsha should be experiencing a lot of emotional upheavals, but the photo instead painted a picture of perfect peace. In fact, she chose that very word for the picture's caption.

"P E A C E🌊 Swimsuit & coverup @mattecollection #2Months👶🏽"

You may see the photo as Porsha shared it below.

While fans complimented Porsha's swimsuit and coverup, there were plenty of comments from those who thanked her for showing what a "real" stomach looks like post-partum. While Porsha is by no means overweight, fans pointed out that she does have a little bit of a belly following the birth of her daughter and they praised her for being real and not trying to cover it up.

Porsha has a lot of public support as she goes through this breakup and her fans are there to let her know they have her back. Over Porsha's last several posts, her fans have offered her encouraging words and reminded her to focus on what's most important right now — her daughter.

As for the look, Porsha was wearing a bathing suit and see-through, black-veined coverup that featured little white beads. The look was glamorous as well as wholesome and was the perfect ensemble for a new mom who wanted to look glamorous without revealing too much.

It appears that Porsha is handling the split well and is spending a great deal of time on Pilar as well as her own self-care. What do you think of Porsha's new photo with Pilar?

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