Porsha Williams And Fiancé Dennis McKinley Have Hit Pause On Two Big Events For This Reason

Porsha Williams And Fiancé Dennis McKinley Have Hit Pause On Two  Big Events For This Reason
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Porsha Williams is hard at work to make sure her romance with fiancé Dennis McKinley survives this time around.

The pair was set to get married on New Year's Eve, but the big event was canceled after Dennis cheated on Porsha while she was pregnant with their first child.

Porsha and Dennis reconciled, and are currently in therapy where they are talking to relationship experts and working through their issues.

However, this time around, Porsha and Dennis are not eager to make plans to get married or have a second child.

A source close to the Real Housewives of Atlanta star had this to say about the matter: “They’re together, happy and engaged but aren’t wedding planning really at the moment. They’re just working on becoming as solid as they can again before walking back down that road.”

The person went on to tell Hollywood Life : “Porsha and Dennis are keeping their relationship and the ins and outs of it a little more private now that they’ve reconciled, but they seem to be doing well. They just don’t want people prying too much. It’s taken a lot of communication, but she’s really working on trusting him again. It’s been shown a lot on the show, but they’ve been in therapy. Her family had more trouble forgiving him than she did, but they love and support Porsha and want her to be happy.”

The insider also revealed: “There’s no real talk of another baby right now, but Porsha would love to have another child. She loves being a mom.”

One fan had this reaction: "Dennis is not the one sorry, Porsha, you deserve better!!💗💗😢😢🤗🤗I couldn’t take it. So bad! Like he was just not interested. I feel so bad for her 😢"

This backer stated: "Who are you to judge what's good for someone else. She could have her for a man who is way more successful and faithful, but I can't see her breaking up her family, which will be worse for PJ having a mom. Who hurts. U made it too easy for him. U should have cut him completely off for at least six months."

A third social media user said this: "Porsha girl, GOD got you. You can do BETTER all by yourself🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️, Porsha, and your baby daddy is not the guy God created for you...You deserve much more happiness. You and PJ will be fine!!!!"

Porsha is taking a different path, will the result be different?


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