Playboi Carti Apprehended By Authorities On Drug and Gun Charges

Playboi Carti Apprehended By Authorities On Drug and Gun Charges
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TMZ reported earlier today that Playboi Carti was apprehended by authorities on gun and drug charges. Law enforcement officials claim they pulled over the rapper in his Lamborghini on Thursday for having an expired tag, and Clayton County officers state they discovered drugs and illegal firearms.

In addition to the misdemeanor traffic violation, police officers found three guns, codeine, oxycodone, Xanax, and 12 bags of marijuana. Officers took Playboi Carti and his friend to jail.

Additionally, the Clayton County Sheriff's Office took photos of the paraphernalia and posted them online, however, the rapper later paid bond and was let out of jail this morning. Carti is rumored to be dating Iggy Azalea, following a tumultuous and intermittent relationship, consisting of random breakups and pregnancy rumors.

Last year in December, Mel Walker claimed the rapper posted photos on her Instagram account to disprove pregnancy speculation. Iggy shared several pictures of herself in a bikini, showing she wasn't actually pregnant.

Mel claims the Australian rapper, after releasing her new EP, Wicked Lips, and her single, "Lola," took a break and jetted off to Bali on vacation. The performing artist posted several pictures of her figure, communicating that she's doing well and isn't pregnant.

Iggy later boasted of how great her trip was, especially swimming, which she described as one of the best parts of her vacation. Earlier this year, Iggy was in the headlines once again when she posted a very serious message on her Instagram.

Azalea claimed that she was "single," however, in January of 2020, the rapper and Iggy were spotted again in an Australian airport. Apparently, Playboi Carti was performing at the Falls Festival in Fremantle, and after he was done, they left the city to an unknown location. Azalea was never booked for the same festival.

Iggy and Playboi have had a hard time repeatedly in the past, including when their house was robbed while she was home alone. Suzy Kerr reported in September of last year that a burglar stole around $366,000 jewelry from the home despite Iggy's presence.

She later revealed surveillance footage to the police to help them apprehend the individual.

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