Pink Updates Fans On Son Jameson's Health After Terrifying Battle With COVID-19

Pink Updates Fans On Son Jameson's Health After Terrifying Battle With COVID-19
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Pink and her son both suffered from COVID-19 but after she recovered, the toddler continued to have fevers and severe coughs which really worried the mother. Now, however, it looks like the singer finally has some good news as far as Jameson’s recovery is concerned.

Pink told her fans that the experience of she and her child being infected with the dangerous virus was  ‘the scariest, scariest thing’ of her ‘whole life.’

However, now she as well as fans can breathe a sigh of relief because Pink shared while on the ‘at home’ version of Ellen’s talk show that the child is doing much better.

‘Jameson is now two days without a fever,’ she told the host before she went into detail as to what little Jameson had been going through for the past few weeks.

‘It started with Jameson….3-year-olds get sick all the time, but he started with a fever on March 14th. We have been quarantined since March 11. Started with a fever for him — it would come and go —  and then he'd have stomach pains, and diarrhea, and also chest pains and then headache. And then, a sore throat…Every day there was some new symptom. Then his fever stayed, it didn’t go away. And then it began going up and up, up and up. At one point he was at 103 [degrees],’ Pink stated.

The concerned mom admitted that the whole thing was ‘terrifying.’

What made the whole situation even worse was that she got COVID-19 as well, her symptoms starting on March 16.

She detailed what she felt at the time, saying that ‘I did not feel good, I was very tired. I kind of had the chills a bit, I felt nauseous but I never had fever. I didn not have what they tell you to look out for.’

Pink, who has had ‘bad asthma’ had not needed her Nebulizer Machine for the past 30 years until one night when she had serious trouble breathing and decided to use it again.

The singer confessed that that was the time she really started to get scared.

Pink got pretty emotional discussing what she and her child went through and did not hesitate to slam the system for not providing more tests.

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