Phaedra Parks Tells Her Fans Not To Take Life For Granted - People Ask Her To Make Up With Kandi Burruss

Phaedra Parks Tells Her Fans Not To Take Life For Granted - People Ask Her To Make Up With Kandi Burruss
Credit: BET

Phaedra Parks is really emotional these days, just like everyone following the tragic recent events. Kobe Bryant's death and the other losses made people think that life's things should not be taken for granted.

Now, Phaedra told her fans the same thing, and she managed to have everyone emotional in the comments after sharing the post below.

Someone commented: 'Yes, sis! I love you and appreciate you. We still owe each other lunch @phaedraparks ❤️😘' and another follower said this: 'Well said. Oh so true. I wrote a song that titles, NO MAN LNOWS THE HOUR NOR THE DAY 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 My God.'

A fan said: 'With that being said I would love to see you and KANDI re💕connect,' and one other follower posted this: 'Amen so true thank God each and every day.'

Someone else said: 'Life has a way of humbling us all. All the money, fame, social status, etc means nothing when we could be gone in an instant. This weekend helped me realize the most important thing in life is God and family. 🤷🏾‍♂️'

A commenter posted this: 'That’s so Real P you have a gift with words that everyone can Understand thank you for sharing you are beautiful P inside and out how can you not be a wife already ????? I love you, woman.'

A fan told Phaedra that they would like her to reconcile with Kandi Burruss: 'With that being said and no shade at all then I think you and Kandi need to reconcile. Forget the past and love one another again.'

An Instagrammer posted: 'you're absolutely right life is a precious Jewel you can be here today and gone tomorrow but is life only recognize when you die???🤔'

One other backer told Phaedra, 'So we need you to go ahead and make this apology to Kandi so we can get you back on tv for real...

Would you like to see Kandi and Phaedra beings pals again?


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    GOD IS MY ALL AND ALL with spelling that out, right now, mother,father sister, brother, best friends can't give you COMFORTER: That will need to come from God and God along: One will say why did GOD allowed that tragedy. My answer, GOD didn't, he die for our SINS leaving us a COMFORTER Holyspirit. But yet giving us the ability to make decisions good or bad,we got that right. The Pilot used his judgment, his Judgment caused a Fatal Decision not only his life but EIGHT OTHERS. VANESSA will need to pray for Strength not only for her Husband and Child,but for the Remaining children she have. IF,I could COMFORTER HER NOW, I WOULD SAY BLOCK EVERYTHING OFF & CRY OUT TOGOD,this is your lifeline YOU NEED JESUS. FATHERBLESSvanessa,children Kobe Families even now GOD IN JESUS MIGHTY MARVELOUS NAME JESUS AMEN

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