Phaedra Parks Shares Revealing Bathing Suit Photo And Is Unbothered By Wild Accusations Made By Ex-Husband Apollo Nida And Peter Thomas

Phaedra Parks Shares Revealing Bathing Suit Photo And Is Unbothered By Wild Accusations Made By Ex-Husband Apollo Nida And Peter Thomas
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Phaedra Parks is one hot mama, and she is not hiding it. Quite on the contrary, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has recently been making it quite clear on social media that she still got it and she plans to flaunt it.

Phaedra seemed unbothered by Peter Thomas and ex-husband Apollo Nida, (who was recently released from prison), who have accused her of keeping their sons away from him. The mother of two recently treated her millions of fans to a new picture on Instagram, showing off her body in a revealing swimsuit with a suggestive cut-out.

Many quickly rushed to comment on the photo, stating how amazing she looked and pointing out that she did not represent her age at all and to bash Apollo for his remarks.

One person replied: "Oh, wow! This is seriously the most beautiful family photo I've seen on Instagram. Love it💕 , and Of course, fathers have rights. You defrauded Delta retirees of their pensions. Therefore, you have forfeited some of your rights. I hope you don't commit any more crimes. I told Tre & Joe Giudice the same.#BLESSEDLIFEPHEADRA."

Another commenter said: "Don’t hurt nothing, Pha Pha!!! Gorgeous!!! 😍The heat hit differently when you bad and chocolate 🍫! 🔥 they see that glow! ❤️❤️I am a firm believer in fathers rights BUT making the decision not to bring your child to visit a parent in prison is one that I agree with."

This follower wrote: "Wish Apollo had all this passion for his kids when he was in the club, cheating on his wife and stealing people’s, then you couldn’t be a great dad...have several seats Apollo."

Phaedra is enjoying quite the strong following on social media, (2.5 million followers), and many of her fans are constantly eager to comment on her new posts.

She has recently been spending time with her two young boys -- Dylan and Ayden -- ages 6 and 9.

There have been some rumors that the attorney might be looking to get back on TV in the next months or even weeks, but it is not clear what her plans are right now.

The TV personality has not made many comments on that on the official front, and she seems to prefer to take her time and relax with the rest of her family at the moment.

Although it should probably go without saying that her potential return on the little screen -- be it on the set of RHOA or anywhere else -- would surely be received well by her supporters, and many will be excited to see what she can deliver.

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  • Gail Woodie-Allen
    Gail Woodie-Allen Aug 16, 2019 1:35 AM PDT

    I've been confused for a long time about Phaedra being fired; what has she done, that everybody else hasn't done...they all tell lies!

  • Ann
    Ann Aug 15, 2019 11:39 PM PDT

    Phaedra just needs to go away. She is so not a good representative of an Atlanta woman, just an attention seeker without a Christian value in the slightest. (In my opinion and many others)

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