Blac Chyna Keeps Advertising The Skin Lightener Product Despite The Huge Backlash

Blac Chyna Keeps Advertising The Skin Lightener Product Despite The Huge Backlash
Credit: BET

Blac Chyna advertises her skin lightening cream once again despite the fact that people keep bashing her for it. She shared a video and a photo together with some explanations about the product.

'Summer 🌞 is about to end but my GLOW ✨ isn’t going anywhere thanks to @organicskinlightener Look the truth is everyone wants beautiful skin! Me included!! Which is why I’ve been using this all-natural product for so long!' Chyna began her post.

She continued and told fans and followers that 'I took a break from it and started back up because it even has my makeup laying down flawless (trust there’s a difference) I am soo thankful for this ALL NATURAL product it helps brighten the skin removes acne scars, melasma, discoloration, stretch marks and honestly any skin condition you have. ✨ !! Use code “Chyna25” to get a discount 💋✨'

Chyna made sure to disable the comments for this particular post and she knows very well why she did that.

She's been bashed by people for advertising such a product and a lot of people said that this is not a good example for young women out there.

They believe that such products teach young women to hate themselves and to want to look different.

Even Rob Kardashian reportedly bashed Chyna for promoting the cream.

Anyway, Chyna's fans are freaking out following the latest post that she shared on her social media account.

It’s a new clip from her TV series called  The Real Blac Chyna .

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  • Abriana Uribe
    Abriana Uribe Aug 17, 2019 10:05 AM PDT

    People are so naive. The product is used to lighten dark Marks on your skin like acne Marks and sun spots. Its not meant to be used to make anyone less black. That's retarded and people who think that that's what the product is for need to know facts before the speak on something.

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