Phaedra Parks Announces Fans That She Has An Important Meeting Today - See Her Announcement Here

Phaedra Parks Announces Fans That She Has An Important Meeting Today - See Her Announcement Here
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Phaedra Parks announced her fans that she has a really important meeting today. Check out the details about this event that she shared on her social media account.

'I’m standing with every #candidate that I #support so join me and my great friend Fulton County District Attorney @keeppaulhowardda TODAY Saturday June 6, 2020 from 3-4pm at Camp Creek Marketplace Target ✊🏾🗳' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I’ve been dying to meet you, and you’re going to literally be in my neighborhood while I’m in the country visiting my mom. I demand justice! 🤣'

Aa follower posted this message: 'I love you, Phaedra, you are beautiful, smart and just a great role model,' and someone else wrote: 'I can schedule u for a meet and greet 28th June? @phaedraparks.'

Another follower said: '@phaedraparks who do you think people should communicate with in their local communities concerning policies and laws?'

Phaedra also shared another important post on her social media account: 'WE SAY THEIR NAMES BUT, THEN WHAT?
Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.~Frederick Douglass Amadou Diallo, February 1999 (New York City) –Eric Garner, July 2014 (New York) – unarmed; Michael Brown, August, 2014 (Ferguson ) – unarmed; Walter Scott, April 2015 (North Charleston) – unarmed; Philando Castile, July 2016 (Minneapolis) – unarmed; Breonna Taylor, March, 2020 (Louisville) - unarmed George Floyd, May, 2020 (Minneapolis) – unarmed,' she began.

She continued and wrote: '39 UNARMED African Americans were killed by the police in 2016. By 2015, ZERO police officers had ever been convicted of murder or manslaughter. The killing of unarmed African Americans impact us all; but its impact on black men is particularly devastating. 34% of the unarmed people killed in 2016 were black males who only make up 6% of the US population. 1 in 1000 black boys and men will be killed by police in their lifetime. The rate for white men and boys is 39 out of 100,000.'

Phaedra said: 'We say the names of those killed by police as we protest and mourn their deaths. But, we do not decide if a crime was committed. The individuals who make the decisions to charge and sentence police officers or who appoint those with that power are ELECTED OFFICIALS.'

Check out her complete message above.

Phaedra has been really vocal these days about what's been happening in the US.

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