Phaedra Parks Slams People Who Chose To Remain Quiet These Days Amidst The Tragedies In The US

Phaedra Parks Slams People Who Chose To Remain Quiet These Days Amidst The Tragedies In The US
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Phaedra Parks had an important message for fans and followers all the people who chose to remain quiet these days amidst the massive drama in the US triggered by the murder of George Floyd and more injustices.

'As an individual you are entitled to your unique expression but sitting silent because that’s the comfortable thing to do is UNACCEPTABLE because this month it’s someone else’s dad, husband, uncle, son, brother or friend but next month it could be your loved one and you will want the same fervor and outcry that you are intentionally being apathetic about now 🖤✊🏿#blacklivesmatter #blm #blackouttuesday #saysomething #silence is consent,' Phaedra captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Hope you and your family are all well stay safe love you!' and a follower said: 'Absolutely, I will read the message that I sent to Trump and the letter I sent to Minneapolis Police Department Stating all three officers to be charged on yesterday to stop everything! #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd the fight continues for justice for #BlackLivesMatter Don’t Stop we are just beginning! Now it’s time to focus on economic empowerment in the #BlackCommunity.'

Another follower said: 'please also encourage everyone to let their voices be heard in the June 9th elections in Georgia: vote for change in the seats of congress, senate and judiciary. Put people in place that can carry out the mission: change the laws and convict the police officers committing criminal acts behind the badge killing our people!'

A fan told Phaedra: 'Love and respect you so much, my friend...I’m working hard in my lane and won’t give up.'

Someone else told this to Phaedra: 'I know GOD sent you and So true is this 📫. Still protesting every [email protected] thank you so much for always supporting my comments with likes and mentoring words. I always include you in some of my conversations with NANCY who responds sometimes..I believe in your existence and feel our Government can use your help. I hope you're not upset about that. I wish you would run for office. Now As you know I can talk about you all day long. Your my sis that God gave me. Please be safe hug the boys for me. And ask you, mom, TO PRAY FOR US ALL. That God has MERCY. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.This post is one of your best post. I hope more people take a stand and stay on Topic.'

Recently, Phaedra shared a video made by Nick Cannon, which impressed her fans to tears.

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