Pete Davidson Explains Why It's Ok For Him To Talk About Ariana Grande Breakup

Pete Davidson Explains Why It's Ok For Him To Talk About Ariana Grande Breakup
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According to a report from Us Weekly, Pete Davidson believes that he has every right to talk about his broken romance with the mega pop-star, Ariana Grande, following their split after the summer months of 2018. During a comedy show at Oxnard Levity Live in California, Pete took the stage and joked about what it was like to break up with Ariana.

Reportedly, on the 31st of January, Pete took the stage and dished on Grande's new song, "thank u, next," in which she talked about him and other men like Mac Miller, Ricky Alvarez, and Big Sean. Davidson joked that it was "fair game" for him to talk about her because she wrote a hit song about him.

Moreover, Davidson acknowledged that many people likely only came to his show to see him joke about his romance with Ariana. As it was reported previously, Grande's breakup with the SNL star sparked a ton of controversy and media reporting.

The Saturday Night Live star joked that since he and Ariana broke up, he has been living at home and his mom has only caught him masturbating twice in his life, once as a teenager, and now as an adult post-Ariana breakup.

These days, the comic joked, his friends are desperately trying to get him out of his house, so much to the point, they've been inviting Pete out to parties just to get him out of self-imposed solitude. A source who chatted with reporters from Us Weekly claimed much of Davidson's material didn't garner a laugh, with the exception of his self-deprecating jokes.

Another person toward the end of the show said that while his set was great, they just really wanted to "give him a hug." On the 30th of January, he celebrated Kid Cudi's birthday with Timothée Chalamet, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

Since then, Davidson has been spotted with other people like Machine Gun Kelly as well as John Mulaney. These days, Ariana has been a top of the charts and also secured the top spot at both Coachella and Lollapooloza, making her one of the most coveted stars in the world right now.

Interestingly, Ariana replaced Kanye West as the top contender for the headlining position of Coachella following Kanye's dismissal of the festival's demands, notably, the fact they needed room for portable bathrooms, and couldn't build him the stage he wanted.


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