Pauly D Shocks Fans With His New Quarantine Beard

Pauly D Shocks Fans With His New Quarantine Beard
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Pauly D from Jersey Shore recently shocked fans when he showed off his brand new "quarantine beard." Page Six picked up on a supposedly edited picture of himself in which he was showing off his brand new facial hair. Fans online have been wondering who he even is because his look has changed so much.

One fan asked why Paul D looked like Ronny dressed up as Pauly in the 39-year-old's comment section. Another user joked that he looked like someone who was dressed up as Pauly D. The jokes didn't end there either. They continued in various formats in one long thread.

Apparently, Pauly D isn't the only member of the Jersey Shore cast who has made extreme changes to his appearence. Vinny Guadagnino also showed off his brand new weight-loss journey this Wednesday. Apparently, Jersey Shore cast members are all turning over a new leaf.

The same thing could probably be said for Mike Sorrentino, also known as The Situation. The reality star was recently released from prison, and when he got out, fans and friends of his were shocked to see his body transformation.

Regarding Vinny's weight-loss, the reality star shared that a lot of people are unaware of his years-long weight loss battle. He described himself as the "king of yo-yo dieting," and he was at his largest during his years away from television cameras.

Members of Jersey Shore have been in the news for various reasons over the last few years. Perhaps most recently, however, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been chief among them on account of his battle with federal authorities and subsequent conviction and sentencing for tax evasion and fraud charges.

Bridget Hill reported on the 5th of September, 2019, that Pauly and Vinny were on their way to New York's FCI Otisville, where Mike was incarcerated . While on their way there, Vinny, 31, joked that he had never visited someone in prison before, but he did see Goodfellas.

In April, Pauly and Vinny explained how Mike had actually gotten close to Billy McFarland while in prison: the Fyre Festival con-man who lied to investors and scammed concert-goers out of their money.

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