Pattie Mallette Adores Hailey Baldwin Bieber — Treats Her Like A Daughter

Pattie Mallette Adores Hailey Baldwin Bieber — Treats Her Like A Daughter
Credit: Source: Pattie Mallette/Instagram

Not everyone is blessed to have in-laws who love and cherish them, but when it comes to Hailey Baldwin Bieber, it seems she's one of the lucky ones. Justin Beiber has declared his love for Hailey a million times and the couple has been married for nearly two years. According to a report in the upcoming June 29, 2020, issue of Ok! magazine, Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, doesn't just adore Hailey, she loves her and treats her like a daughter. Photos of Justin and Hailey with Pattie are found on social media with the family looking happy and getting along well.

According to the publication, Pattie is thrilled that Justin and Hailey not only met but married and she credits him with helping Justin through some rough patches in his life. A source spoke to the publication and stated the following.

"She thanks her lucky stars that Justin found someone who's such a positive influence. Justin went through a rough time a few years ago as he grappled with fame, but he seems to have gained a newfound sense of maturity through his marriage to Hailey."

There were many fans who believed that Justin Bieber belonged with Selena Gomez and even had hostilities towards Hailey when the couple first went public. Now, many of the original Jelena fans see the positive impact Hailey has had on Justin and realize that the couple is madly in love and committed to their marriage.

You may see a photo that Pattie Mallette shared of herself, Hailey, and Justin Bieber at a pre-Coronavirus hockey game below.

You may see several photos of Pattie Mallette with her son Justin Bieber on his wedding day below. Pattie captioned the photos with, "Happy ever after, baby."

The source also said that Hailey and Pattie get along very well and are close with the two calling each other and talking all the time. Now, there's only one thing missing that would make Pattie beyond happy — a grandbaby!

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