Best Photos Of Justin Bieber Declaring His Love To Hailey Baldwin Bieber

Best Photos Of Justin Bieber Declaring His Love To Hailey Baldwin Bieber
Credit: Source: Justin Bieber/Instagram

When Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin Selena's fans (Jelena) were devastated. Several years later, everyone has moved on, Selena has a top album and has healed, and the world now sees that Justin not only loves Hailey but abandoned all of his bad-boy ways because of her.  It was a long road for Justin and it isn't surprising that he ran into some difficulties in life. He was thrown into stardom after making music videos for YouTube and grew up in the public spotlight. Everything he believed in before fame was tested — his faith in God, how to handle his celebrity and wealth, and how to handle growing up to be a hunk when you have millions of beautiful young girls adoring you.

Justin found his way and unfortunately for Selena, it wasn't with her. While many people do feel sad that Justin's and Selena's love story came to an end, they are thrilled that Justin and Hailey found each other. There is no question that Hailey's love saved Justin and has brought him through some very dark times. Justin is first to let the world know how much Hailey's love means to him.

Here are some of the best photos Justin Beiber has shared declaring his love for his beautiful wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber.

Justin never forgets how blessed her is to have Hailey for his wife. Check out the beautiful message he posted where he made it clear that Hailey is the only one for him.

Dear Hailey, as I lay here, you asleep next to me, I think to myself how did I get so blessed. You’re humility, joy and desire to grow blows me away! I am honored to be your husband. I promise to love you all the days of our lives. Good night Hailey I hope you read this in the morning and smile! You are my FOREVER 🥰

The Biebers don't have any children yet but they have a pet dog named Oscar whom they love. Check out Justin and Hailey getting their parenting game on while they give Oscar a bath together.

Family photo

Hailey may not be the mother of Justin's children (yet) but even on Mother's Day, he can't take a break from showering Hailey with his love!

It’s out! Thanks for sending in all the #stuckwithumom videos. Thousands of you did. Really special. Made this for you guys and all the amazing moms and one special dad. #stuckwithu Mother’s Day video is out now on my @youtube channel. Thanks

Justin doesn't need a reason or holiday to tell Hailey (and the world) how much he loves her. He posts sweet, romantic messages on social media for Hailey to see when she wakes up!

Love u babe

Even on days when it is supposed to be all about Justin (like his birthday), he finds a way to make the day about Hailey!

Your my birthday gift bubba

What do you think about Justin and Hailey Baldwin Bieber? Are you surprised by how much he loves her and how he always shows the world that Hailey is his number one?

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