Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn To Get Engaged This Year? - Here's Why It's Possible!

Paris Jackson And Gabriel Glenn To Get Engaged This Year? - Here's Why It's Possible!
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According to a new insider report, things between Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn are going so well that a proposal sometime before the end of this year is not out of the question! Apparently, Paris’ family members and close friends would not be surprised if Gabriel got on one knee and think she has been hinting at it!

‘An engagement soon wouldn’t surprise anyone.  Paris has hinted to people that she wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up engaged before the year’s end. [She’s suggested] this is it for her…she couldn’t see herself being with anyone other than Gabriel,' a source tells HollywoodLife.

As fans know, the two are not only lovers, they also work together since they are Soundflowers bandmates!

That being said, the first time they were caught on camera by the paparazzi packing the PDA was last summer in August after a live show of theirs!

Over the weekend, they were also in attendance at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party.

Thankfully for Paris, her family likes her beau and the reasons are plenty!

‘He makes her feel so confident and good, which those around her feel she needs. He’s so sweet and attentive. Friends and family would be ecstatic if they did get engaged soon. Paris has said she can’t imagine her life without him,’ the source tells the news outlet.

And her friends apparently feel exactly the same about Gabriel!

They ‘feel she has never been happier. [She has] struggled with self confidence in the past, and he makes her feel so good about herself.’

That is great to hear! In that case, a wedding may just be the right next step in their relationship!


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