Orlando Brown's Baby's Mother Says He Is Acting Out For Attention After Nick Cannon Debacle

Orlando Brown's Baby's Mother Says He Is Acting Out For Attention After Nick Cannon Debacle
Credit: Source: Newsday

Orlando Brown has been worrying those who saw him grow up on screen for quite some time now. After he shared a shocking allegation against Nick Cannon which warranted the actor's response, his baby's mother is calling Orlando's behavior a cry for attention.

The Major Payne actor shared a video in which he claims that Nick performed oral sex on him as a woman. After it went viral, Nick reposted an article about the video and used it as a teachable moment .

In addition to offering Orlando prayers, he said that he hopes the Disney Channel alum has a support system to help with his mental health.

According to Omena Alexandria, it's not the drugs or his mental health -- he simply wants attention.

The woman shared a video of herself explaining that she's worked in Hollywood a long time and she accuses him of 'trolling out of desperation.' She also notes that Brown strategically made the statement after releasing his song titled 'Hi I'm Famous.'

She accompanied the clip with a lengthy caption that read, in part: 'Y’all gone knock this s*** off with the reaching. Hold him responsible for what you see. Not his family, real friends or Hollywood because none of those variables have s*** to do with him not being.. “normal”. in actuality from where I stand all Ive EXPERIENCED and seen is family/friend support. But y’all don’t wanna hear, see, publish or BUY the real and sane s***. You don’t encourage him doing right and staying stable and focused otherwise you’d Buy the music . Not just repost a video clip or leave a comment. A follow doesn’t translate into dollars.. BUT You DO respond to f*****. So he gives it to you despite it wrecking HAVOC in his real life.'

What do you think about Omena's words? Do you think he is acting out for attention?

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