Olivia Munn Takes On Fashion Blogs And Supporters Say It Was A Brave And Necessary Move

Olivia Munn Takes On Fashion Blogs And Supporters Say It Was A Brave And Necessary Move
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Olivia Munn was not too fond of a recent post by the Go Fug Yourself blog, which talked about an outfit she had chosen for the Apex for Youth gala.

The post also spilled over into widespread criticism of women, something which Munn did not take kindly to, and she did not hold back her own words in expressing her disapproval.

Munn mocked the blog’s contents and its overall attitude, pointing out how ridiculous it was in her eyes that someone had taken up the stance of a “fashion police” for celebrities.

She specifically poked fun at some statements made by the blog regarding the attires of various celebrities in the past, and she was not kind in her words at all.

Munn wanted to reinforce the notion that she found it ridiculous that some people could claim to have an objective statement about the current state of fashion, and pointed out that style is something that mostly boils down to personal choice, making it nonsensical to criticize people like that.

She was also critical of the fact that blogs like Go Fug Yourself tend to focus more on women rather than men in their critics, and was disappointed at the divide in our society.

Munn wrote: "For years, fashion-policing celebrity has been an accepted mainstream media critique, even though it mainly focuses on females and not men, which ultimately contributes to the perpetual minimization of women and propagates the idea is predominantly (or singularly) tied to our looks."

She added: "At the forefront of this right now are blogs like Go Fug Yourself, created and run by people who have anointed themselves as judge and jury of what’s fashionable, with posts that read ‘Julianne Moore Looks Like a Cloud,’ ‘Taylor Swift Looked Very Twee… I think this outfit is quasi-ridiculous on you, but I look forward to your new work,’ and ‘There Is Just So Much Fug in This Coachella Post’ where they unleash an arsenal of public digs, to name a few. Their blatant hypocrisy is nauseating — they claim to employ some sort of subjective barometer for goodness and beauty even though what they do and write is neither good nor beautiful."

In the end, her statement ended up getting echoed multiple times across the internet, as it looks like many people agree with her stance, and she’s seemingly not the first one to have taken note of the distasteful posts in blogs like that one.

Fans have Munn's back on this matter. One of them stated: "I continue to be amazed and proud of how you inspire those around you and stand up to make the world more positive. There is enough dark let's fight for the light. Fight the good fight. Know there is a whole army at your back."

Do you think Munn is right?

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