Noah Centineo And Stassie Karanikolaou - Inside Their Relationship Status After Date!

Noah Centineo And Stassie Karanikolaou - Inside Their Relationship Status After Date!
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Are they or aren’t they? This is what the internet has been collectively wondering ever since Noah Centineo and Stassie Karanikolaou were spotted in each other’s company while out and about earlier this week.

Now, one insider claims to know what their relationship status really is so fans are finally getting some answers!

It all started when the actor and the Kardashian-Jenner friend were seen on a date in public, sparking romance rumors.

But is it serious or not? Well, the source would apparently describe their involvement as rather ‘casual’ – for now!

The insider explained via HollywoodLife that the two are definitely not labeling what they have just yet.

‘Stassie and Noah always have a great time together, but nothing is official and that’s the way they like it. That is not to say they are not dating at all or that there is not any interest there, it is just that they are living in the present and happy with where things are at,’ the source dished.

They went on to describe their budding relationship as ‘flirtatious and playful.’

At the same time, they ‘deeply care’ for each other as well: ‘They both know that they are young with their lives ahead of them, so they do not know what the future holds. They love what they have and they are not overthinking things.’

Stassie and Noah have been trying their best to keep what they have private and away from the spotlight as much as possible but the rumors started way back in June since they did some pretty obvious flirting on social media.

It started with Stassie posting a pic of her rocking a jacket that Noah claimed was actually his.

‘Give me back my damn jacket woman, PLEASE,’ he flirtatiously joked, prompting her to play along, and respond that: ‘What are u talking about it’s my jacket.’


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