Robert Downey Jr. Says Jodie Foster Sent Him A Letter While He Was Serving Time Behind Bars

Robert Downey Jr. Says Jodie Foster Sent Him A Letter While He Was Serving Time Behind Bars
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During a new interview with David Letterman, Robert Downey Jr. opened up about his tumultuous past, including his addiction struggles and time in jail! That being said, at some point, he recalled the things his longtime friend and former co-star, Jodie Foster wrote to him in a letter while locked up.

That’s right! While a guest on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the Iron Man actor got really candid about his past.

Some fans may also be aware that, at the beginning of his career, Robert struggled with alcohol and drug addiction.

What that means is that there was a period in his life when he was working in Hollywood and using substances at the same time.

Referring to his role in the 1995 Jodie Foster-directed movie, Home for the Holidays, the actor mentioned that ‘There was a single crossover, and I call it the most relaxed performance in the history of cinema. She was really critical of just being like, ‘Well, looks like you’re getting away with it on this one. I wouldn’t try this again because we’re kind of a forgiving group.’ I was like, ‘Wasn’t that last take great?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, you’re great. It’s going great.’’

The following year, he got arrested for the first time after being pulled over by cops and found in possession of heroin, cocaine, as well as a gun.

Then, only two weeks after, he was arrested again for trespassing into a neighbor’s property while high.

But while he was only placed under probation and ordered to go to drug counseling, the actor ended up violating his probation three times and was sentenced to no less than 3 years in prison, as a result, in 1999.

In reality, he was behind bars for nearly a year and during that time, Jodie apparently sent him a letter.


‘And then when I, you know, was locked up in a penitentiary, she sent me a letter saying, ‘Let me tell you about what I meant by it’s going great,'’ Robert recalls her explaining in the letter.


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